Newborn and Baby Photography

Photoshoots that capture the magic of your child's first year of life.

Newborn baby girl asleep with crown.

A baby's first year of life is full of milestones...

One of the greatest joys as a parent is holding their newborn in their arms. The way they feel, how they smell, and the adorable sounds they make, it's an indescribable love. There are so many photoshoot opportunities during the first year of life. You will be so happy you captured these milestones starting with newborn pictures (1-2 weeks after being born), the sitting up age (around 6 months), then when they start to become more active (around 9 months), and of course their first year birthday...Did someone say "CAKE SMASH?"

One year old boy cake smash.
Newborn baby girl under blanket.
Six month baby girl close up.
Newborn baby boy asleep in a sleeping bag.
One year old girl cake smash.
Four month baby girl with beanie sitting in a wagon.
Newborn baby girl sleeping under a blanket.
One month baby boy with cute smile.
Nine month baby boy in a dump truck at the park.
Close up of one year old girl with cake on face.
Newborn baby girl sleeping on top of her dresser.
Newborn baby posed asleep in a vintage crate.
One year old girl wearing tutu by a lake smashing cake in her face.
Newborn girl sleeping in crib with a wood letter v.
Nine month baby girl sitting outside on a bench.