Headshots photography

Laid-back and stress-free headshot photoshoots.

Who can't benefit from a professional headshot?

These days everyone needs a good headshot. Whether you are an actor, musician, artist, business professional, or someone who wants a great profile picture on social media. I offer a relaxed and easygoing photoshoot that will make you feel comfortable. I specialize in both outdoor headshot sessions and indoor sessions using a backdrop.

Close-up of woman with a jean jacket.
Professional business man in suit.
Painter with her brush with the sunset glow behind her.
Teen actress posing against a lamp post.
Black and white close up of teen girl in sweater.
Male actor with long hair and a bread standing against a brick wall.
Girl with blue dress and red hair with her hands together posed on the side of her face.
Professional business man in suit crossing his arms.
Business man in suit and tie standing in front out building.
Close up of pretty woman.