Special occasion photography

These sessions are geared toward proud seniors, graduation, quinceañeras, proposals/engagements, baby announcements, and gender reveals.

College Grad student holding UC balloons

Celebrate yourself with a Photoshoot.

There are many stepping stones in life, a quinceañera or sweet 16, graduating high school or college, proposals/engagements, baby announcements, or gender reveals. Wouldn't it be great to have professional photographs that capture these celebratory milestones? Schedule yourself or a loved one a photoshoot, I guarantee you will always treasure these moments.

Female college grad with cap and tassel wearing a black dress.
Pregnant woman looking at husband who is touching her belly.
Teen girl in white dress wearing a crown.
Happy couple holding up their baby's ultrasound pictures.
Proud college grad holding his tassel.
Expecting parents looking at each other happily standing on their porch.
College grad making the USC horns symbol with her fingers.
Eagle scout sitting in a tree.
Expecting parents covered in pink dust for gender reveal.
Dad looking at mom holding her pregnant belly in Pasadena City Hall.
Smiling boy scout.
Kindergarten grad dressed in cap and gown holding up her arm making a peace sign.
Couple kissing sitting in a Camaro putting up a hat covering their faces.
College grad tossing her cap in the air.